Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Running away from experiences

People run away from all sorts of things... even Gods do ... and sometimes it can be useful too. However one of the common running away is from the experiences. How does running away from experiences look like? Not stepping up for the vertical fall in the water sports park.. eh? Or like avoiding it by going for the simpler one and spending all the time and options available ...

Actually, the one I'm talking about is the running away from inner experiences. You intensely dislike uncomfortable thoughts and feelings... so you try to avoid them, leading to a variety of mental health issues. It is behind all sorts of unhelpful and at times controlling behaviours.

What inner experiences you are running away from ?

Friday, August 24, 2018

An anguished heart...

Today is the day of poetry.. I thought of posting another gazal, 'Ranjish hi sahi' ... written by Ahmed Faraz (apparently 1st 5 stanzas, and later few more stanazas were written by Talib Baghpati). and sung by many singers (You can listen to it HEREHERE)

Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhaanay kay liyay aa;
Aa phir say mujhay chhorr kay jaanay kay liyay aa

(Come, even if there is resentment, even if to anguish my heart/ return again to leave me, Come)

Pehlay say maraasim na sahi phir bhi kabhi to;
Rasm-o-rahay duniya hi nibhaanay kay liyay aa

(Even if our relationship is not like old days, but still sometimes/ Come to fulfil the rites and rituals of this world)

Kis kis ko bataayengay judaai kaa sabab ham;
Tu mujh se khafaa hai to zamaanay kay liyay aa 

(To whom all can I tell the reason for our separation / If you are angry with me then come for the world)

Kuchh to meri pindaar-e-mohabbat ka bharam rakh;
Tu bhi to kabhi mujh ko manaanay kay liyay aa

(At least respect a little my love’s pride/ Once in a while you also come to woo me)

Ek umr say hun lazzat-e-giryaa se bhi mehruum;
Aye raahat-e-jaan mujh ko rulaanay kay liyay aa 

(Since ages, I have been deprived of the taste of tears/ O comfort of my life, come to make me weep)

Ab tak dil-e-khush_feham ko tujh say hain ummeedain:
Ye aakhari shammain bhi bujhaanay kay liyay aa 

(Till date my foolish optimistic heart has hopes from you/ come to extinguish this last flicker too)

Mana k mohabbat ka chipana hai mohabbat;
Chupke se kisi roz jatane k liye aa

(Agree, its love to hide love/ come quietly some day to express it) 

Jaise tujhe aate hain na aane k bahane;
Aise hi kisi roz na jaane k liye aa

(The way you know all the excuses to not come/ same way, some day come never to go back)

Dil sardiye mahol se ghbrane lgaa hai;
Ik aag si ragh ragh me lgaane ke liye aa

(The heart is getting restless with the cold atmosphere/ come to light a fire in my veins) 


Great loves
Like great stories,
have that familiar feeling,
As if lived several times.

One knows the turns of
events, the roles one plays
Who finds whom, in the

One can enter and inhabit
Them anytime.
Pick up the threads,
From anywhere.

Restart all over again.
Great stories are,
Like great loves,
Nourishingly magical!