Monday, January 14, 2019

When people leave!

It is fascinating, how if one waits long enough, life comes a full circle. People go through the cycles of meeting-separation, but when they meet again and separate again often there is less rawness to it, but just a soft sadness of inevitability. A sense of finality.
But as they say during mourning, relationship does not end when people do, it just transforms. Same seems to be true of deep relationships, when people leave it becomes internal. The external form of the person remains just that, an external form. The life of relationship merges with the person who is deeply connected, even if the other one is not so.
It is such a blessing... 

Love of Power

I told you
No matter what
I will love you,
But relationship is
Another matter.

Today, one of those days,
When my thoughts
Cross the oceans,
Extend towards

And I know,
It doesn't matter
Equally for you.

This  unequal power,
Feels unfair.
But, then I know
Nature has
Its own ways of equalising,
Of balancing.

You stay powerful
But also poor,
The richness of experience,
The expansion of awareness
I have is just mine,
When I am with you.

I love you.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Twilight of our imagination ...

I like life more when it surprises me... for I know, I'm here for adventure of consciousness ... Therefore I like Haikus. There is a lovely gazal (poem) by Ibne-Insha, (sung by Chaaya Ganguli, which I first heard in Paigam-e-Mohabbat) with this surprise element...

Farz karo hum ahle wafa hon, farz karo deewane hon
Farz karo ye dono bateein, jhoothi ho, afsane ho

Just imagine I'm committed, Just imagine I'm crazy (in love)
(Or) Just imagine both these ideas are false, are just fiction

Farz karo ye jee ki bipda, jee se jor sunayi ho
Farz karo abhi aur ho itni, aadhi humne chupai ho

Just imagine this adversity of my soul, is merely a tale I made up and told
(Or) Just imagine there is so much more, I kept half of it to myself

Farz karo tumhe khush karne ke doondhein humne bahane hon
Farz karo ye nain tumhare sach much ke maikhane hon

Just imagine to make you happy, I found excuses
(Or) Just imagine your eyes in reality are like tavern

Farz karo ye rog hai jhootha, jhuti preet humari ho
Farz karo is preet ke rog mein, saans bhi hum pe bhari ho

Just imagine this is a false illness, and my love is also not true
(Or) Just imagine in this illness of love, even breath is difficult on me

Farz karo ye jog bijog ka humne doong rachaya ho
Farz karo bas yehi haqiquat baki sab kuch maya ho

Just imagine this meeting and separation is a trickery I have created
(Or) Just imagine only this is real and rest all is a mirage