Saturday, March 30, 2019

Send Me a Rainbow !

Send me some violet
Flowers of spring, and
Indigo of summer;
But do remember to
Add the ever changing
Blue of your eyes.

Shades of Green
Of your favorite park,
Mixed with the brilliant
Hues of autumn,
Yellow, orange and more

Send me Red
Of your heart on fire.

O love, it’s a cloudy gray
In my mind; send me
A rainbow!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Raga: The Chains Which Bind

Such a liberation
For once
To feel so engaged 
With life
here and now,
That one forgets 
To pick up the phone
And almost type his name,
And then every time, instead 
Search something else,
To get lost into, 
Another rabbit hole.

Rasa: The Taste of Existence

There is a certain delight
In the first, pre-summer 
shower, announcement of 
spring, spread of colors
In the bed of flowers...

Deliciously, they all gather 
At the tip of my tongue,
Just like your, 
memories do.