Sunday, June 17, 2007


Alchemy as i understand is a knowledge field about material aspect - of iron into gold and in spiritual aspect - of that reflective process which makes a person wiser......
There is a symbol of it, a snake with its tail in its mouth. It is symbolic of devouring itself and self. But does it always happen?
I do wonder, ....often self proclaimed, self loving poets/writers (i think of some friends:) have this idea about their process of creativity. They wait for the stimulation, generally the negative, and devour themselves....finally turning it into poetry.....
but then do they short circuit the process of transformation of self? I often wonder.

They will often defend their actions by saying that poets (and other artists) do have character flaws, and that is a part of their creativity.
Any way...this existential choice of either defending ones own flaws and make it permanent fixture or make it a passing phase absolutely depend upon the individuals. Those who have courage to face it and strength to overcome it move further on their journeys of self actualisation and realisation.

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