Wednesday, June 27, 2007

celebration of women friends

When I am with some of my good friends who happen to be men, I don’t feel any thing missing or different. But when I am with close women friends, I feel something extra…a different bond.
Yesterday I spent time with two of my women friends with similar language and wavelength. Hours slipped by without us noticing, while we were busy talking of caring for pets, houses and spouses, friends and acquaintances, work and society…these are the ones with whom I jointly find meaning in my individual life. These women deeply care about the world and everything which is happening around…aware and awake…those who seem to know the power within themselves to make changes. Not in the media savvy ways, but quietly in personal and professional lives…wherever their touch can make the worlds a better place to live, and when they go, leave it much better than what they had found …
It also feels great to see how they stand up and have courage to stand up alone…it gives so much of courage to each other too. It is about a joy to be alone, turning it into solitude and space to grow rather than a loneliness to mourn…
And the strength it gave to my convictions helped me to finally take important pending decisions......celebrate my personal space and leave confusing state of bondage called by other names….
Its immediate effect was seen in my exchange of smiles with colleagues on my way to work…

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  1. love your postings out here... it's simple yet touches just what you have to say without drawling all over it.
    would love to catch up on some more... keep posting!