Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Quote

Recently there was a quote in Times of India (TOI), which went something like this (I'm sorry, i forgot the author) ....
The difference between Indian and US democracy is, in US you can kiss in public but not pee, in India you can pee in public but not kiss.
It seemed an interesting contrast, to be given a thought!

It also brought me to two other topics, one about this pee business in India, which leads to men as a community, getting a lot of disgust from women inspite of some being innocent, I suppose. And it makes mental health professionals' work more difficult in diagnosing who is suffering from one kind of paraphilia - of 'exposure'.

The other point this quote brings me to, is how TOI have been a way of bonding with others, the way Indian movies have been. When cousins will meet in summers or talk over phone, they will ask which new movie u watched or liked, it was a good way of finding who thinks alike and who is as sensitive to same story or visuals as I am. TOI too had served similar purpose for me with few close friends, one of whom was posted on borders being in armed forces and would get the newspaper little late. We often will talk of the quotes, the cartoons along with the Times middle, the sacred space and speaking tree !
Alas ....neither those friendships remain same, nor the newspaper, both underwent drastic change in the quality!
Am I already old enough to be nostalgic for such things?? may be...

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