Sunday, June 3, 2007

Random Musings

Some people do every thing as if in a hurry, as if there is little time to savor, to live the moment and slow the pace, look out of the window and see the sunlight falling on the greenery of whatever trees or plants exists around...Some people are like that even in relationships..
aggressive, dominating, in a hurry to have it all, at the same moment.........
But gradually things do change.
Seeing change in a person is as lovely as witnessing change of seasons. It is more than watching the greying of hair or wrinkle on skin, it is about watching the smoothness of spirit which comes as the sharp edges of one's personality becomes more blunt and non-threatening. As many more things gives that golden glow which comes with nostalgia....And when it happens during the moments meeting old friends it becomes heart warming...

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