Monday, August 27, 2007

A story continues...

..lets talk about the hawk!
He was one of the birds.....and wanted to believe he is just like that little bird! Infact he believed, there is no difference and no cause for the little bird to fear him.
Sometimes he would be angry on all the bird-mothers of the world for instilling such fears in their little birds.
He just wanted to be with them, fly with them and play with them.

Well, some times... he will kill one of them, when he doesn't have anything better to do, or if he had a bad day!
but it happened only once in a few months or may be in an year.

Birds are supposed to have a short life and shorter memory. Often he would himself forget when he did what, and would wonder how those little birds remember and carry on the stories of horror about his grandfather and his father and him...

One day...

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