Monday, August 27, 2007

A story continues...

How about snake?
He was lying low. Generally sleeping after having a heavy meal...
which was not every day!

He had a shining skin and he would often change it.
He liked the celebration around and loved the place and the greenery and the tree and even the birds on them. Every thing seemed good and right.
After all if these birds and other small creatures are not around how will he survive? God has made them for his food- was his firm belief!
He also would talk about 'he' being the favourite of so many Gods!

Once in a while he would think (he too had his idisyncratic beliefs ...his being a 'thinker' was the foremost) that oh..the birds too have a right to live.
May be live as long as he is not feeling hungry.

He would like to hear them sing, and flutter around. Some days he would hear them chatter and would enjoy those stories of far off places where he could never possibly go.

But one day.........

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