Monday, August 27, 2007

A story continues...

I forgot completely about that singing bird from the neighbouring tree...and the hand that captured her.
That hand was related to a pair of eyes and ears. They loved the colours of the bird and the sound of the chirping. They wanted it to be with them, when they go back to their own jungle of concrete,........ after a short time in the woods.

They captured the bird, took her home, got a cage made , kept the bird there, gave all the food and water ...believed they have loved the bird and it will heal the bird and forget about the jungle and the sky and all the hawks and snakes lying there to attack and live and sing to them.

The bird stopped singing first ..

then one day............................

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  1. One day, don’t really know why that day. may be it was that day that the................ well no one will ever know

    The beautiful colors of its wings started emitting mesmerizing bright colored rays. Rays whose warmth cannot be withstood by the coldness of cage, melting the cage and the colder cage of thoughts. Sparked the eyes with wonder why I forget completlythat my home is up up above. In the blues of haven. Rose with the ray to dissolve in to the blue of freedom, labored the clouds that blessed life below to reflected the colors of sky(heaven)