Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bird Verse

After a difficult patch in life, a wish to stand alone!!

I want to break free,
Cut all my strings,
Strings of past, of future,
Of morality, of dignity,
of pain and pleasure.
Of culture, of civilisation,
Of religion, of rituals.
Break free from collective collected unconsciousness
Of whole of evolutionary history.
I want to break free,
And live elements in raw.
Be one with the snow,
The radiant or the rocky mountain,
Or the wild brook.
I want to break free,
And open myself to spread of nature.
When wind hisses past by,
My stretched arms, my ears,
My body
And spreads my tiniest particles
Possibly defined,
In that murderer air,
In the embrace of dust,
I wish to be rooted.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Some things in life bring trails of memories...almost like a smell, notes of a favourite song...it almost seems like the in-between years never existed or in fact fade into the background. It reminds me of two of my favourite quotations picked up from some shelf reading here and there and even the exact form of these saying is not recollected and not found ...
it was something about... some memories are so vivid they are like a ...giant painting... hanging in the living room of one's psyche, looming large and permanent!
and the other goes something like....very often we are able to handle the times of crisis and keep the strong front but then one day suddenly a bud in bloom, an old letter slipping out of a drawer and then every thing falls!