Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my movie watching days!

For a change let's talk about movies...
This time during my vacations at home I watched a number of movies. Not that I wanted to, but because my father is a movie buff and has got some collection of old Hindi movies and is still in process. He wanted me to see all of them, but most were already seen by me and I'm not so keen on watching movies second time until and unless it is really good or engaging...or if it is a difficult topic handled well.
I ended up watching lot of V. Shantaram and Sandhya's movies and one of them "navrang" about a poet and his imagination stood out little more, because of an old association. The entire movie was full of song and dance, at the drop of a hat. This movie was again reminded to me, while watching a new movie 'Saawanriya'. The director of this much hyped movie tried to make a poetry out of a story "White Nights" by Fyodor Dostoevsky (original i still want to read) but something went amiss.
My speculation is, while the poetry dances in a dreamy location, story stands on the window-sill, ready to jump out! ;)

Other than this I watched two movies which i really wanted to see. 'Yatra' a difficult movie, worth watching again to understand better. And 'Hazaron Khwahishein aisi' ...ah! here comes a brilliantly made movie...it is one of those which makes you think weeks later .... and sometimes brings a change of life decisions!
I have started missing north India more and I wonder about an alternative course my life would have taken -had I taken the road to JNU instead of Tata Motors after my PG!
Seems like Vidhi ka Vidhan!!!

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