Friday, December 14, 2007

Weird World!

" Those for whom
touching the lips of ocean
is enough,
tuck their clothes,
leave their slippers,
take a careful dip."
(a piece from a poetry book by an author, I don't know)

Long back i had read something which meant something like....."Some people hate.... as if they are going to love some day, while some people love with if they are going to hate someday." So many people really love with caution and calculation. (only rare are those who hate, as if they are going to love someday). They will look at the balance sheets of give and take, will want to have profit forever and would like to avoid taking any risk. They may believe the are open to experiences, but the moment they feel threatened they turn around and walk to the safety of the river bank.
Recently we found in some research that this kind of personality trait of those who want to avoid any kind of harm to themselves, are those with less amount of happiness. May be it is due to the reason that such people worry a lot about their safety or any harm which might befall them. The fear of failure of more persistent than an expectation for success. And so they may not be giving their 100% in any thing, any goal including relationships.

Those in their lives often might feel like telling them....
"Your friendship makes my heart ache,
Be my enemy for friendship's sake. "

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