Sunday, January 27, 2008

A perspective on life and love

We share the same perspective,
when we share the same time and the same space with another.

We share the same perspective,
when we share the same reality and the same viewpoint on life.

Similar realities occur when we share the same perspective.

We share the same perspective as another,
when our paths cross co-incidentally.

When our paths cross at the same time and in the same place, our realities concur.

This is a divine place to be,
as Space-Time-Reality are all shared together as one experience.

As time passes and we continue on our path, we may stay in time with our partner and share the same space
but our realities will change as we hold differing perspectives.

Thus, begins the conflict of partnership,
to see whose reality is true and right for both parties.

We realise that,
we can share our partner's perspective and share our perspective with our partner,
when we know that perspective is unique, individual and exclusive to our presence on our path.

We can share our partner's perspective.
without following our partner's path,
and they can share our perspective and remain on their path.

This is being expansive in Separate Togetherness

(A friend's contribution)

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