Thursday, February 14, 2008

Of Films and Film Critics...

Once I have something in my mind, if i do not write it, soon its lost forever.
So today even with lot of time constraints, i wish to write some random thoughts about a film fest i attended. Many films were there and as it happens in any concurrent session, we have difficulty in choosing what to go for. I too had. The ones I saw were more about relationships with oneself and others.
While there was one with lot of psychoanalytic content, I would find it difficult to explain here.
About others, one was 'Sancharam' on love ( which seems so natural) of two women (who grow up together) for each other, portrayed beautifully.
Another was 'Yugant' about a couple meeting after estrangement of 18 months (but the looks seemed otherwise) and trying to work out the marriage. But the wife's devotion for dance as an art form was much more than a normal marraige can hold and she had to fly away. While the husband himself into a creative field had his own inner growth chart and they remain like the railway track, somewhere near but not together.
The third was 'Persona' a difficult movie about masks we wear and how it all effects us....

(Clearly you can see, I am having difficulty talking about the movies as each of them have so many layers and i can't write here all. So I am just picking up few small points....)

The discussions after the movies had an interesting trend. The difficult movies were very well understood and layers of it analysed. But when it comes to something so near, so homely as a relationship, people really have difficulty to leave a cliched way of looking at it.
One comment came about homosexuality as sin and deserving to be treated (by whom?? psychotherapists are ethically not supposed to treat it as an illness now. Therapy is only about coming to terms with the situation one way or other, as per the values of the person).
Another i heard in the corridors (by a supposed intellectual), about how women run away if pursued...???

Many people are so very comfortable with the cliched ideas!!

Also, i was wondering how difficult it is to have or to really appreciate 'love' for an individual or for something larger as an art form or sea or may be people .....

My favourite moment was when Rupa Ganguli (in movie yugant) dances on the beach, to the sound of waves, explaining her lover what sea talks to her, what deep secrets sea tells her....
Tell me what!!

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