Friday, April 18, 2008

Parasites of love

All in the name of love,

O, Parasite of Soul

When will you find

another victim.

Next time do not move

so close

so silently

next time

ask permission

before you bare

your fangs!


  1. poetry.... something i cannot write but love to read and comphend a soul in it's midst - my own too sometimes.
    you're very talented.

  2. Thanks R.E.
    Yeh! there are few things which connects humans deeply! For ex- pain:)

  3. This Poem reminds me a lot of Rumi. I agree that we are connect by pain as well, but more so by those things that help us deal with pain like poetry and love.

    Thanks for stopping my blog, I hope that we can become readers of each other work. I think we have a lot in common. Here is to the beginning of a long relationship.


  4. balanced words and thoughts...
    nicely written...