Saturday, April 5, 2008

In love with words!

I seem to be in love with words (Shabda Brahma?)....and more so with the meanings behind them!
Recently I have been going from books to books and feeling thrilled and excited, whenever I feel deeply connected with any idea. Few days back I got to lay my hands on an old collection of mine, which was 'almost lost'(and I had grieved over it). So my routine is spiced up with the added ritual of holding the books closely, dusting them, flipping through the pages and rereading my favourite parts here and there ...........I almost get the feeling of meeting an old lover.
One of my evergreen favourite is Fritjof Capra's 'Uncommon Wisdom- Conversations with extraordinary people'. While the warm portrayals of extra-ordinary people is inspiring, it also gives me a feeling of accepting the world around with loving indulgence (like you get while reading Mahadevi Verma's Path ke Sathi). There is also this added 'hair raising sensation' of being touched at the level of intellect and spirit, when it talks deeply and passionately in first person of spirituality, psychology, feminism, environment, society and science. I remember how profoundly it affected my concept of God at the emotional level, when I first read it. I can relive that moment of reading about dance of particles....Dance of Shiva.

The other books are Divine Romance, and some of my favourite poetry books....still leafing through them....

Meanwhile, this journey took me back to rereading another old favourite- 'Voices of Feminist Therapy' (Ed: Elizabeth Friar Williams). I would like to quote some thing from that book, which clarifies my stance towards my profession.....As I say, I am what I believe in...

"My role as a therapist is a multiple one: I am a facilitator, teacher, consciousness raiser, information provider, role model, translator etc. Therapy involves enabling (through facilitation) a person to be who they are rather than who they should be as defined by others and society. It involves helping a person to make choices and feel in control of her or his life. Each person's life is an adaptation that makes sense. By my validating where a person is in their life, it frees that person to remain the same or to change. We grow if we have options. If we are forced to defend our position we can get caught in that and don't have the freedom or energy to see other possibilities. Part of this process involves helping an individual get in touch with her or his feelings, needs and values."---Barbara E. Sang

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