Monday, July 28, 2008

Few gems from my collection..

As a child while I would love to collect poems which touches me (even those which sometimes will be beyond my understanding, but still stirr me somewhere as if i know the meaning)..
...but I had this politically incorrect habit of not noting the names of the poets and now when I have to quote them somewhere I am in an embarrassing position.
So sorry all, for i am quoting few poems here without the names of the original poets... Sorry once again!

The pen stood poised,
Waiting for the pressure
The sheet lay ahead
Virginal, untouched
The memory of past triumphs
Of battles fought
And pages filled
Flitted around it.

The art of articulation
was always a struggle
But when did it become
A war?

Images, metaphors, Similes,
What of them?
Words can now only
Be strung spluttering, muttering
But never speaking.

A walk through the streets
Or an afternoon in the sun
A night of passion
Or a day of boredom
All lost Lost
in an expanse
Of the white blinding light
From an unwritten sheet!


Just because i asked a friend about him
Just because i spoke his name somewhere
Just because i rang his number by mistake today
He thinks i still care.

Just because i haunt the same old places
where the memory of him lingers everywhere
Just because i am not the happy girl i used to be,
He thinks i still care.

You'll never recognise the room
The pictures all have different frames now.
And all the chairs are rearranged now.
Somewhere, I have thrown out every souvenir
Yes, there've been changes made Since you stayed here.

Two unnamed poems I think from Linda Goodmen's book...

The odd-shaped things i saved-
that smell, and feel of us...
a crumpled book of matches from the pizza place
some wilted flowers picked outside the door
you could not enter.
a bleached and crooked twig
washed ashore at that spot on the sand
where you first said you were lonely
and surprised me into tears.
A hotel room key stuffed inside an airline ticked envelop
...i guess you saved the bird verse
and the memory of my last smile...
They take so little in your scrapbook.

Your icy voice put out the stars
it cracked, my heart and broke it in splinters
your tone as cold as Colorado winters
but I promise to soon forget
the contract we almost made... you'll feel
the swift response of an equal,
as the dream begins to fade,
I'll drown you in pseudo-kindness
and a casual friendly glance
I can almost imagine your blindness
as i watch and wait
for the chance
to suddenly- cruelly- make you know
how easy it was to let you go.


Strangers Together
I looked for you
In the depths of wind swept valleys
In the mist of silent nights
In the corner of my favourite room
In the colours of gossamer kites
You sit there opposite me
Smile, talk, Laugh, Live
you are there, flesh and blood.

And I still look for you,
In the squares of crosswords,
In fine prints on snow white pages
In the deep lines of my palm
In dreams of our future and long gone ages.

You are at my elbow, in front of me,
I cannot see you, or know you.
The years together have made a stranger of you.


Last Night
Last night the wind
had stories to narrate.
As man and dogs howled in wilderness
I paid obeisance to it
And lifted a prayer out of hurts.
The wounds are still cut deep, Lord.
No bleeding but unhealing, unquiet
I know you understand as
Solitude is religion, Godly
In winter time what can I offer
What oblations, our penitential guilt
Reeks of silence like clouded mists
Like those tall trees standing
Amidst earthly wonders, amidst despair.
Lord, let spring time arrive and our smiles
will conflagrate as an orange sunset.


Path of Love
Through the
labyrinth of
confused faces,
rigid stances,
suppressed emotions
conflicting desires
exacting responsibilities
spent energies
misdirected affections
Let's find out
A path of
True love.



  1. ya Zafar,
    especially when one has to let go multiple people in a trail... passing of an era in one's personal history :)