Friday, August 22, 2008


Grief has no arguments
it doesn't want to win a war
nor to do negotiations
about the worth of a relationship

It remains quiet
For it loses itself
when translated into unfamiliar languages
of mind and logic

Grief has always remained alone
Its path a solitary one
where weary heart
finds only one companion

The emptiness
which walks together
without saying a word!


  1. Hi dear, 'Grief' is an experience we chose to have when we came down on earth in this physical form...
    like all other experiences, there is much to be learned from it.
    Learn, be enlightened and walk ahead taking only the 'joy' of what you have learned with you ...leave 'grief' behind!
    Its meant to be left alone...its meant not to have a companion.

  2. thanks dearie...
    it was an year old poem. Was going over the feelings again:)
    but then as Mother Therasa said
    "ALL things are passing!"