Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dev D- Part 2:)

Recently I wrote a post about this movie, before watching it... now I'm here after...

Over all a nicely made movie with heart at the right place.. does it reflect u r heart Mr. Director!! picked up the right issues in right tones- alcohol, drugs, conduct disorder (wink;) drunk driving... but, but... the most important one is relationships, emotional abuse, female sexuality and society's attitude towards it!
Movie also had few glorious moments of human bond in man-woman relationships. But very few, very real??
It raised many questions and thoughts in my mind.. I was wondering if Hindi movies will ever be as ready to redeem their wayward heroines (not the cute pocket-maar kind), if there are any... as they are generous to their heroes? Was all the good luck distributed to their heroes matter how rude and hurting and rejecting their behavior in past... the lady love will still come and wash their clothes and clean their dirty room and go back home crying!
At least, the director raised himself in my eyes by raising the standard of the hero, by bestowing upon him the ability to introspect and confess that he never loved any one beyond himself.. and ya he is a 'slut' (the abuse he easily threw upon the lady earlier!!).
Reminds me of the storm in beer mugs of Mangalore, the claiming and reclaiming cake pieces of Indian culture by different groups, pink chaddis and pink saris and many more things.

But the red hot ideological choice on this issue was offered to me by a friend who happens to be an American. Compared to French, Americans are prudish but compared to Americans, Indians are! He waived his mobile in front of my eyes and said not only Indian women but also Indian men are sexually repressed. 'My Indian male friends carry pornography in their mobiles, I don't!'
Who would YOU prefer, someone who can talk about sex and still have it in the periphery of their mind and life or someone who carry porn in their mobile!!


  1. Hmm... If I am reading this right, the last para seems to indicate that pornography suggests sexual repression.

    Now, is that correct? Perhaps this may be able to offer some data ->


    PS: Do drop in again for comments.. I enjoy all your visits ;-) (lol)

  2. I am in Mexico and of the few places a have been this one is different....have never seen such unapologetic public display of affection among gays ......

    My belief gets another anecdotal evidence: If given a chance men (and women)easily transform themselves to animals....and animals are never hyprcytic bout sex...