Friday, February 6, 2009

Dev D

Today apparently the new movie Dev D is released!.. hmmm...Based on the classic theme of 'Devdas', the novel.
Well i have read the original novel and watched one of the old movie version (Dilip Kumar era), while missed the seemingly too melodramatic jewel studded SRK one.

Devdas has become almost an icon of pining male lover, who destroys his whole life for the lady love. But I have always felt its a story of a spineless lover, who wants everything easy and is completely confused, till it is too late. Still they go on to become icons of youth in love!! Ah something seriously wrong with our youth. Look around and you may not miss a few of those kind around.. Even u may find this population amongst those who are way past their 'youth' cronologically:)

Infact I have often wondered the similarity of this theme, in almost 100yrs old 'Devdas' novel by Sharat Da and an almost 50 yrs old similarly famous hindi novel 'Gunahon ka Devta' by Dharmavir Bharti. Well, how much of the personal life or attitudes of both the authors have seeped into their respective novels is to be guessed or assessed from the biographical or autobiographical narratives of which I do know some bits and pieces from reading and hearsay.

Ah, its a welcome change in the world of Hindi audio-visual entertainment, to show the courage to break free from the boundaries, from cliches and from usual interpretations..... Bravo Anurag Kashyap, from what I read, u got to have lot of mind!

And for those who believe in Devdas/ Chander as an icon of love/ a role model...take a break and do some soul-searching! .. Good luck guys.. Ah even Gals!!


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  2. Man, I really need to watch this movie. I just hope the hype I am putting into it won't spoil it for me in the end!

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