Friday, February 6, 2009

A poem from Mahadevi Verma

My disillusionment at this moment is of the kind which happens when reality meets the dreams. But then when river of dreams meets ocean of life I expect some beautiful land forms to emerge, fertile and life giving!
Today, I have been reading randomly some old quotes from my diary which i opened in search of passages from my one of favourite books, Revolution from within! (Gloria Steinheim). But found few other things which I feel like typing here. Sometimes writing each word which has moved you or typing it all out is quite therapeutic:)
This one is from Mahadevi Verma

कह दे माँ अब क्या देखूँ

देखूं खिलती कलियाँ या प्यासे सूखे अधरों को
तेरी चिर योवन सुषमा या जर्जर जीवन को देखूं?

देखूं हिम हीरक हँसते हिलते नीले कमलों पर
या मुरझाई पलकों से झरते आँसू कण देखूं?

सौरभ पी पीकर बता देखूं यह मंद समीरण
दुःख की घूटे पीती या ठंडी सांसों को देखूं?

तुझमे अमलानं हँसी है इसमें अज्रस आँसू जल
तेरा वैभव देखूं या जीवन का क्रंदन देखूं?


  1. this is absolutely beautiful :-) and like you said - therapeutic ...


  2. She once wrote...."Aa jate jo tum ek baar! " Have you read that?

  3. There is a poem from Mahadevi Verma...."Aa jate jo tum ekj baar..." have you read that?

  4. Vaguely remember (or feel like that) but not too sure, Shantanu.