Friday, February 6, 2009

Two lovely poems dedicated to Memories

1) A movingly beautiful piece by Gulzar (Rain) :

Beyond the closed panes,
past the windows,
it keeps raining, on the green trees
on the thick branches,
on the frail flowers,
endlessly, silently
like your memory
which keeps raining,
beyond voices, faces and
activity around,
at the back of my mind
endlessly, silently.

2) A wisdom filled piece by Karnad in 'Hayavadana'

you cannot engrave on water
nor wound it with a knife
which is why
the river has no fear
of memories...
...sings, tosses, leaps and sweeps on in a rush...
While the scarecrow on
the bank has a face
fading on its mud pot head
and a body
torn with

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