Monday, May 18, 2009

I am not that woman (by- Kishwar Naheed

I am not that woman
Selling you socks and shoes!
Remember me, I am the one you hid
In your walls of stone, while you roamed
Free as the breeze, not knowing
That my voice cannot be smothered by stones

I am the one you crushed
With the weight of custom and traditions
Not knowing
That light cannot be hidden in darkness
Remember me,
I am the one in whose lap
You picked flowers
And planted thorns and embers
Not knowing
That chains cannot smother my fragrance.

I am the woman
Whom you bought and sold
In the name of my own Chastity
Not knowing
That i can walk on water
When i am drowning

I am the one you married off
To get rid of a burden
Not knowing
That a nation of captive minds
Can not be free.

I am the commodity you traded in
My chastity, my motherhood, my loyalty.
Now it is time for me to flower free
The woman on that poster,
Half naked, selling socks and shoes-
No no, I am not that woman!

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