Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trees and Fairies!

I'm on a high today, for I planted few flowering trees... few fragrant 'Kaner', another tree with yellow flowers (which resembles a bunch of bees), and two of my (and everyones) favourite 'Gulmohar'.
Hmm any one knowing me might dismiss it as my usual eco-friendliness, but but but ...i suspect something deeper there. Digging it further and i find myself dreaming .....
of fairies dancing under the canopy of flowers, on nights full of twinkling stars ..oh such a joy!

Well, another part of me knows something about it is true... for these trees are inside a home full of charming growing up women... some call it hostel!! So, there is no dearth of fairies ...

One might lie down underneath upon a bed of spread red gulmohar, another might pick few kaner and put them behind their ears, in their hair, touch the leaves, hug the plant ...

Some day when it rain someone might observe the dripping drops of water from those fragile gulmohar leaves... some day when one is upset with a loved one, instead of staring in the blank they might go on to stare the blooming buds and chirping birds and running squirrels, may be when they move they will be smiling again.

The security guard on duty with a creative streak, might take few flowers to decorate the entrance and ... may be someday someone might also pluck few flowers for offering on her altar 'to some, to one' Goddesses /God...

And I believe if the tree actually survives all storms and lawn mowers, it will be an offering from the earth to the sky, an offering to the sacredness of the existence... may be I too would share a bit of this offering ... If they grow up and bloom!

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  1. Awwwww....I am already dreaming dear!! Sitting under the shade of Gulmohar, twittering with a few fairies...exchanging some pleasantries and a few woes of each other's lives would be awesome, hope to see your tree(s) if ever I visit again. :-)

    Your hostel truly is a wonderful place to live in J, I loved it...had a wonderful time with you. You bring back all the cherished memories of my few days in your charming city!!