Thursday, January 21, 2010


some day today... after an enriching, interesting or even after a tiring work day, I wish to go for a long walk, somewhere peaceful...
Sometimes, after a day of working alone, I wish to go with someone who respects silence and takes little space, someone with whom there is no need to build up a small, sometimes silly conversation... Someone with whom there a deep connection, which is not need based, not even affection based, but on the bond of spirit.
A sense of detached attachment is present, without the need to possess, and there is no overpowering desire to get approval, validation or to prove a point or my presence! There is a mutual acceptance of the fact of being there. Period.
There is no life fact to crib about or people to bitch about... not even to understand the darkness and pitfalls in existence, in its totality with empathy. There is no goal directed activity or conversation... no where to reach, or reach fast!
Time is felt as its is, without broken and space is just there, the context doesn't make ripples in the stillness of the mind. Any thought if it makes its presence, can become creative, but there is no force to produce. There is a feeling of being 'at home', without walls and boundaries.
There is none to share this space, this walk... for there are few, who I do not want to come along and a lesser few women and men, who are much too busy seniors... whose silent space I would not want to break!
We all inhabit different worlds and our solitary walks remain individual!


  1. Well said! I am reminded of what Osho has said about being alone as against being lonely. He says, "being lonely is the absence of someone, being alone is the presence of yourself."

  2. The silence that speaks volumes, an invisible bond that sustains the soul without expectations and the 'unconditional acceptance'....lovely J.

  3. Ah! One more brave attempt at describing that which cannot be described.. :-)

  4. Silence of the Lambs... Ha ha ha

  5. Thanks Pushkaraj, Ya as they say, there is a fulness and wholeness in solitude. Lonliness cries of emptiness!

    Thanks Joyeeta di! I know what u mean!

    Thanks Zafar... :)

    EM Jay... Look who is crying wolf!!