Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love, Abuse & Creativity... do they go hand in hand???

There is something really intriguing about a bunch of men, sitting together, reciting self /other written poetries, for the lost lady love! Well, how romantic!!!

This is pretty common in some languages... for each language seems to wear a dress, close to its skin. This alternative skin is made up of eco-socio-political culture, which itself is influenced by many other underlying historic realities. Some times its related to many other gender dynamics.

Often these poems have that special tinge of self pity which gives them a divine glow of love. My my, I am impressed! There is an award for the most self-negating lover, in terms of public applause.
But, often the alternative stories gets drowned in this noise. For example, the poem might whisper the poets' sadness, how he looks at his hands, dejected... but might not tell how those hands were once raised to hit her... who left! Forced by the rising storm of self-hatred on ignoring ones basic values!
...left! torn! in installments! but finally! completely! liberated of all learned ideas of 'love' itself! to build a new definition of own! Remember movie 'Dev D'?

I was reminded of my differences with a friend recently, about Picasso and his abusive relationships with women in his life. Many people justify or choose to ignore such difficult aspects, especially in creative people... or even normalise it...
well how far one can stretch the creative liberties? to the lives and dignities of the closest people around? As a society we need to take a break, set our value system right, regarding 'what' is wrong, in spite of 'who'!
Go read 'Behind closed doors-domestic violence in India' By Ms. Rinki (director Bimal Roy's daughter) and director Basu Bhattacharya's ex-wife.

Any day, give me a good human being to befriend, instead of a creative genius!
I can be that myself! Thank you!!!

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  1. You are right J, pain does bring our the poet in us. But not always does that hand that writes also become the hand that hurts. I guess after our conversation earlier tonight, you would know it better.

    What then J? When the hand hurts, it is held guilty. And when it's hurt, the women rechristen it as abnormal, immature and sissy. Why is it that the hand is always blamed and not the betrayal?