Saturday, April 3, 2010

Note to myself!

Wow! I've surprised myself!!
Its been almost 4 yrs of blogging... consistently, persistently, in spite of being such a private person!! Wow!
I can sometimes surpass my expectations and cross those tempting moments when I feel like wrapping this up, erasing it all and vanishing away...
May be some day that too will happen...
Till then... happy blogging dear!


  1. Well done, keep it up!
    I can vibe with the element of surprise that you have. But coming to think of it, it is not SO surprising. When Jung spoke about Extraverion and Introversion and it was developed into today's MBTI, he did make a reference to this confounding aspect of introverts. It is not that introverts talk (express, that is) any less that extroverts. In fact, if there is a topic that intersts the introvert, he can out-talk the most extrovert person around!
    I did surprise myself when I wrote my 100th blog post. Now I have three independent blogs, and have recently updated my Tarot blog too (where you left a comment many months ago. Would love to hear your comments on the update.)
    Do keep writing. I hope you don't carry out the threat of wrapping it all up and vanishing away.

  2. कभी कभी सफ्हो पर कुछ कहना ....जैसे अपने आप को रिफ्रेश करने जैसा होता है ......तय आपको करना है ...

  3. Congrats!

    Persistence always surprises us and at the end of it, it's all about US.

    Many times I feel as surprised but then according to your assumption, I am an extrovert (self-confessed one) so maybe it's no big deal!

    Looking forward to more . . .

    Joy always,

  4. - Thanks Pushkaraj for the encouragement. Good u mentioned Jung's thoughts over introverts, infact i have been planning a study on similar lines. May be someday after my phd is over:)

    - Thanks Dr. Anurag, i believe writing not only provides a place to refresh what u already know or have thought about, but it also helps in movement of that thought process itself.The only issue is, do i need to have an audience for that? or should i go back to old fashioned personal diaries where it can be more openly expressed! What i write here are washed out censored versions...

    - Thanks Susan, Its always joy to have ur comments:)
    I think the persistence part is difficult even for extroverts! for the high of face to face conversations and a group audience is always more overpowering than sitting alone in front of a comp. typing out thoughts:)
    Wish u too good luck & joy