Friday, April 2, 2010

Rain, rain come again!!

It rained !!!
It seems like ages since it rained... feels like Bangalore!
Cool breeze, smell of nilgiris, rising from the earth carpeted with dry fallen leaves... my campus full of flowering trees. The maddening traffic just a walk away, seems unreal.

Rains have a magical way of waking people out of their enmeshment in daily grind... watching people's faces, it seems raindrops knock at the heart, forces it open, leaving a delighted smile escape to dance on the lips... arms open, palms up towards the heavens...

To me rains bring a sense of fullness, like a full circle coming to its end, or better, a home coming! There is never a neediness, never something, someone missing, but a celebration! I like it this way! Every time there is a storm, I want to go for a long walk! Well, that's eccentric me!

May be it all started in a small hilly town of my childhood, where rains will never lead to muddy puddles everywhere, like most Indian cities... well i am grateful they didn't!
I love rains!!! :)

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