Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to work:)

I need to take a break from here... for some days conversations thru blog becomes a welcome change...but but I need to apply some cue control :) the service of completing my thesis!

Will be back after a short break, meanwhile you are invited to leave some comments, or even a friendly encouraging hello!!!
(... I see some unknown repeat visitors from... eh.. Bhopal, Indore.. & Paris :)


  1. I wish you all the best with you thesis. In fact, i am also grappling with a thesis which I ought to submit by July.

    Do your best :)

    Joy always,

  2. Thanks Susan and wishing you the same:)
    Co-incidently I am also aiming to submit by june-july!
    Btw, what's ur research topic? :)
    have a good fulfilling day..
    warm regs

  3. My topic is transgenders and their land. Am from the English department and my broad area is Ecocriticism (ecology and literature).

    What is your topic?

    Best for both of us in the journey of dissertations and anxieties!

    Passion and courage always,

  4. Wow Interesting susan,
    would love to know more some day:)

    mine is on positive emotions:)

    Yeah, wish both of us an inspired energy towards completing a good work:)