Friday, April 30, 2010

A trip to Delhi

A short work related invited trip to Delhi reminded me of so many things... like Bangalore makes one unlivable for any other place, almost!!! The aerial look of north soil was so pale, with a feeling of dry harshness and when it neared down south, it was so very warm red!!!

Went there after almost 2 years (or was it 3;).
Last time too it was mainly work, but so many things changed for me... so many people have moved out of that city, out of my life. So many perspectives have changed for good, I have gained so much more confidence and clarity about my life stances.

This time, was able to tell someone (who has seen me growing up as an awkward child), that I don't need your (conditional) validation, I'm good enough!!!
Hmm... know it was slightly rude, but then I have realised over time that for many, people's growth, inner or outer seems curiously uncomfortable, for they still see them as their old selves, the same shy child, awkward adolescent...
The shocked surprise on their faces, that silence speaks loudly... how did this happen, this is too good for you, you don't deserve this!!! So many growing up years are marred with these experiences... so many I know...

Well...umm... in my case I don't know what to say, except that, I don't need to keep proving myself !!! :)


  1. Visiting places where we once lived is a bit like unearthing a part of ourselves. There are many suprises unearthed but nevertheless nice. Its a nice introspection.

    Hope you are doing well :)

    Joy always,

  2. True Susan! But actually I have never ever lived in Delhi. Its a place where my extended family stays... and so it still is associated with many growing up memories.
    Yeah I'm doing well:) Thank you!
    I'm just coaxing my guide to help me finish soon:)
    How is your thesis work going on? hope u meet your deadlines... it would be one great day to feel free after submission;))
    Wishes n affections

  3. I was born in Delhi, and spent all my childhood there. So as far as I am concerned, it is THE city in the world. Maybe people who see Delhi today won't agree, but what can I do? I am referring to the Delhi of the early 70s..... Brilliant.

  4. Hmm... 70s Delhi must be a place, worth many visits! Agree, living there, then, must be interesting and HAPPENING:)
    And I also know, all delhites love Delhi, forever:)

    Were people much more nice, caring and loving then? I have often encountered, dry, power hungry, money driven, rough people there... sadly!!!
    No biases... and malice!
    I was born v. near to Delhi and have closely seen abusive, patriarchal culture of that region, over the years, first hand!