Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lecture series... on Happiness

Bangalore's intellectuals have come together to start something like lectures in India Habitat Centre... went to a new lecture series today. The first one was about 'pursuit of happiness'. Well done presentations, along with people who were really interested to know about it and also got curious about my work on similar topics.

But overall i came back with one observation... all the spiritualists philosophers from Indian traditions, who gather at such places are a particular kind!!! The Jnana margi- those who walk on the path of knowledge and generally the yogis. And thus all the discussions are a particular kind, in a particular language inspired by a particular tradition!

Nothing wrong about it, but sometimes i wonder about another group which is under-represented there. The Karma yogis and the bhaktas!!!
Meaningful... for these two must be busy elsewhere... where they are at home! :)

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