Friday, May 14, 2010

Wise decisions...

There are lot of refined tastes in life which generally need some bit of learning to appreciate it fully! I believe wisdom is one of them ...

On one level, choices and decisions are made at the level of least resistant path, something with which we have grown up, which society tells us to do! On next level one becomes unfettered, free of external and internal rusting chains... to only acknowledge ones own well being, own pleasure or pain, at the most immediate and basic level. Hedonism rules!!!

But taking wise decisions are much more than these... its about having foresight, and making such an informed decision, which will be beneficial for all involved. Its also much more about the motives, than only about the actual acts or decisions!

Wonder where this art has gone from the public and private spaces... we need to once again start celebrating it, ... do some bit of advocacy, educate people, organise ourselves... and bring it back into the memories and values of people everywhere! :)
Ah! we have come to this level ... it seems to be getting extinct!!!

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  1. Excellent post. If you can think of ways of HOW we can accomplish what you have wished for in the last para, then I can do my own bit to contribute to this cause.
    As for the different 'level of existence' that you speak of, I am sure we can articulate many more than two levels.