Friday, May 14, 2010

Women's spirituality!!!

I just noticed, much of women's spirituality movement lately is a lot about sex and sensuality. Seems it goes like this in the popular literature ... women- associated with paganism or tantra- associated with inner power/ women/ earth & productivity - associated with sacred sex!!!

Well, Even feminism has over time associated a bit too much with freedom for pay cheque and sex... this is heights of getting out of one stereotype to falling into another!There is something v. ironic about this whole business!!!

I wondered if someone out there is noticing it... I googled and funnily found this study...,2933,557744,00.html

Ah! I'm exasperated with the world!!!


  1. I can understand your irritation. It indeed sounds like one stereotype to another. The research findings in the paper you have quoted sound rally far-fetched to me.
    Firstly, the definition of spirituality is highly variable and open to subjectivity. So the correlation between spirituality and any other variable will sound flimsy unless backed by some solid logic.
    I also refuse to beleive that women of today are more into sex and spirituality than yesteryears. These have been a part of woman's psyche since ages. Just that today there are more avenues for their expression.
    If awareness of sex and sensuality was a modern phenomenon, then the myths like Demeter, Artemis and Aphrodite would never have evolved.
    I must also mention that your post sounds incomplete. Sort of, abrupt. As if you have left more things unsaid than said. Would like to hear your further views in this matter,

  2. Liberation in material sense does not mean anything - u get liberated from the external factors and get trapped in the inner conflicts. When a teenager takes drugs thinking it as liberation from the societal norms, it automatically ensures becoming a prisoner of one's habit patterns.
    ... and when one is in the state of meditation, does one identify oneself with being a female or a male ??
    Feminism like any other ism has its own set of fallacies. Spiritualism is about universal awareness while any 'ism' is abt compartmentalization.