Tuesday, July 27, 2010


How much space i wonder,
For you for life, for love?

Will it be enough, if i step back
Silence the sound of
Skipping heartbeats,
Erase the memory of          
Breath on skin,
Dissipate a lingering
Scent from the room?

Will it be enough, if i go away
Farther than the reach of
My open arms,
Opposite ends of a city,
Cross over the oceans, the continents,
On a spread out map?

Will it be enough, if i walk far
Waiting for your call,
To slowly fade out,
Forever in the distant horizons?

Tell me now,
How much space you want,
And for how long?
Dear love!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm stressed!

Many years back, there were moments of so much of stress that it seemed as if my boundaries of reality will some day loosen up :) This realisation and observation itself was sufficient to hold me together...
And now once again there is so much of growth filled stress, that my inner boundaries are loosening up. I'm waiting for the time to sit and contemplate and put it into words all what is happening...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Come to me!

From depths of being,
From that space
Of existence,
Where most do not dare
To wander,
Lest they get lost!

This one little drop of
Cries out in pain
Of separation,
To the whole!

Wandered at every corner
Knocked at wrong doors
To find you, and

Now come to me,
Cross the light years of expanse
Of this universe,
For once
Shrink into a form
O silent, formless,
And have a day out
In conversation with me!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Promise me... by Thich Nhat Hanh 1965

Promise me

promise me this day,
promise me now,
while the sun is overhead exactly at the zenith,

promise me:

Even as they strike you down with a mountain of hatred and violence;
even as they step on you and crush you like a worm,
even as they dismember and disembowel you,
remember, brother,

man is not our enemy.

The only thing worthy of you is compassion-
invincible, limitless, unconditional.

Hatred will never let you face the beast in man.

One day, when you face this beast alone,
with your courage intact, your eyes kind, untroubled
(even as no one sees them),
out of your smile
will bloom a flower.

And those who love you will behold you
across then thousand worlds of birth and dying.

Alone again,
I will go on with bent head,
knowing all love has become eternal.
On the long, rough road,
the sun and the moon will continue to shine.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I wish for you...

For a much loved someone ... who connects to the world at large with love and commitment ... does he miss out something ?

May you have deep sleep,
Followed by carefree play.
Mornings of relaxed letting go,
Much love and joyful days.

May you have what it takes
To find meaning real and deep,
When you focus on the forests,
Do not miss the trees!

With love...

Just wondering...

Sometimes under-commitment is the challenge, sometimes over-commitment is... and at other times both are present in the same individual for different life areas... seems sooner or later in life, most people do reach some kind of balance in life!
I was reminded of Gautam Buddha and his wife Yashodhara. Both were moved by sufferings in the world. On one hand, as a sensitive queen Yashodhara worked towards alleviating suffering by working with the concrete realities. On the other, Buddha's quest was removing the roots of suffering. Well, guess the deeper the solution the longer it does last... not only for oneself but also for others!
Well... in the end it depends on people's life journeys!!!

Teesri Kasam...

Long back there was a movie ... my dad's favourite infact where the hero has two small learnings, and then the biggest one comes... not to fall in love again!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Imagine... !!!

I often think of and have discussions centering around world, relationships, our relations to the world, work and people and the reason behind creation...
Related to a course in Indian Psychology I have been working on some project through self observation... and here I get insight and there I get it validated through this couplet from one of my long time favourite sufi music and poetry collection...

Farz karo ye jog bijog ka
Hamne dhong rachaya ho

(just imagine I created this false play of meeting and separating)

Farz karo bas yehi haquiqat
Baki sab kuch maya ho

(just imagine only this is real and rest all is illusion).

Just imagine!!!

(PS: the couplet is by Ibne Insha, from the collection 'Paigham-E-Mohabbat' by Muzaffar Ali).