Friday, July 23, 2010

Come to me!

From depths of being,
From that space
Of existence,
Where most do not dare
To wander,
Lest they get lost!

This one little drop of
Cries out in pain
Of separation,
To the whole!

Wandered at every corner
Knocked at wrong doors
To find you, and

Now come to me,
Cross the light years of expanse
Of this universe,
For once
Shrink into a form
O silent, formless,
And have a day out
In conversation with me!


  1. Promise me that the conversation will be of butterflies and small boats in the sea where you and I used to go to watch the sunsets :)

    J, loved this meandering.

    Hope you are well and that the thesis is surely but slowly taking shape.

    Much love,

  2. really beautiful! The agony of being separate from the whole, well expressed.

  3. Hi Susan,
    sure will talk about all those butterflies we chased in misty gardens and the sunset glow... of births gone by...
    How about making some new memories :)

    I'm well... lots of life events ... which are also about lots of growth... so something small like a phd thesis lags behind ;)

    wishes n love for ur work too :)

    @ sid, thanks :)

  4. just dropped by to see what thoughts are rambling in your mindspace.. :-) nice!