Tuesday, July 27, 2010


How much space i wonder,
For you for life, for love?

Will it be enough, if i step back
Silence the sound of
Skipping heartbeats,
Erase the memory of          
Breath on skin,
Dissipate a lingering
Scent from the room?

Will it be enough, if i go away
Farther than the reach of
My open arms,
Opposite ends of a city,
Cross over the oceans, the continents,
On a spread out map?

Will it be enough, if i walk far
Waiting for your call,
To slowly fade out,
Forever in the distant horizons?

Tell me now,
How much space you want,
And for how long?
Dear love!


  1. When it comes to space, the best thing is not to ask but just understand.

    I wonder what makes J write such soulful poetry. I hope to whoever it is addressed to will get the message and never allow such thoughts to cross your mindspace.

    Joy always,

  2. Dear susan,
    sometimes cultural differences become like a curious wall, beyond which we are not able to see and have to ask every damn little thing ;)

    Some cultures do not have this silent understanding space... everything is spoken ... in a psychologically sophisticated language. But sometimes wonder about the lost meaning... or is it i have not yet learned to decipher it all correctly(?).
    I might have to learn a new language :)


  3. always wonder how space and time which are such important physical entities mirror meanings in the world of love and emotions... nice write !

  4. True Sid,
    Space and time can have multiple meanings at the most concrete levels in physical sciences, to the most abstract levels in philosophical discourses.. and further experiential accounts, in the matters of love and life.

  5. Loved this post in TOI on space ... U might find it interesting Sid!