Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Imagine... !!!

I often think of and have discussions centering around world, relationships, our relations to the world, work and people and the reason behind creation...
Related to a course in Indian Psychology I have been working on some project through self observation... and here I get insight and there I get it validated through this couplet from one of my long time favourite sufi music and poetry collection...

Farz karo ye jog bijog ka
Hamne dhong rachaya ho

(just imagine I created this false play of meeting and separating)

Farz karo bas yehi haquiqat
Baki sab kuch maya ho

(just imagine only this is real and rest all is illusion).

Just imagine!!!

(PS: the couplet is by Ibne Insha, from the collection 'Paigham-E-Mohabbat' by Muzaffar Ali).


  1. Nice. It reminds me of the more popular (but less profound, according to me) one that says
    Duniya jise kehte hain jadoo ka khilona hai
    Mil jaye to mitti hai, kho jaye to sona hai

    One a lighter note, there is a terrible video rendering of Farz karo hum ahle-wafa available on Youtube.

  2. :)
    so true!!!
    oh I am now in dilemma... whether to search for that ahle-wafa video ;)

  3. Don't worry, watch it. Worst case, you will just shrug your shoulders and say "it takes all kinds to make this world!"
    Or it might make you more philosophical and think of other couplets on the illusion of life. Like -
    Maya maha thagni hum jaane
    Jo deese so to hai naahi, hai so kahaa na jaai

    Both by Kabir, of course!

  4. haha... that is a good way to see things :)

    ok.. will find and watch it sometimes :)
    In any case i'm wasting a lot of my study-time suddenly on utube ;(

    Thanks for Kabir couplets ... he is my all time favourite. esp... bhala hua meri matki phuti...

  5. Have you heard Abida Parveen's rendition of bhala hua meri matki? Brilliant. I regret the fact that in school, we ignored the "first 3-4 poems" in the textbook by all the saint poets because we found them boring then. On second thoughts, Kabir is a lifelong journey. Best understood only when one has experienced life in all its colours, not as a naive student.

  6. Couldn't sign off completely without remembering some of these Kabir gems. My all-time favourites....

    Hud hud jaaye har koi, un-hud jaane na koi
    Hud un-hud ke beech mein, rahaa Kabira soye

    So maybe HE was one person who really understood this mystery about striking a balance!

    And then....

    mera mujhme kuchh nahi, jo kuchh hai wo tera
    tera tujhko saunp doon, kya laage hai mera

    Maati kahe kunhaar se, tu kya roonde moye
    ik din aisa aayega, main roondoongi toye

    Thanks! For bringing alive Kabir for me after such a long time...

  7. so very true...
    Thanks for ur beautiful postings here with all the choosen couplets.
    Ya i have heard Abida 's Kabir and 'bhala hua' is from there only. ...
    God bless u!