Monday, August 23, 2010

East & West!

Sometimes I wonder if there is real difference in east and west... or there is not. Studies apart, which depend upon the statistical probabilities this is what I have noticed...

On a person to person basis, I do have few really close western friends and they are great to be around, talk, discuss, analyse. But if one is upset, they will usually try to talk sense ... how about 'name the logical solution', 'name the difference' or if much evolved 'name the emotion' ...
There is often an underlying anxiety of 'not getting stuck up' in someone else's problems, someone else's dynamics... almost like 'hey, i have far too many of my own, I can't carry yours' types.
Cynics say that is why psychotherapy evolved in west, you buy support and friendship. That is insane! (pun intended).

Oh, on the other hand, the extended self of eastern world, does help!
It only took 7 minutes 4 seconds precisely by a loving, affectionate phone call from my elder sister to talk me out of my real low moods. Seriously, is that too much to ask from someone???
( thank God! she is not a psychologist, or too psychologically sophisticated, else she might have moderated her concern, affection and even her intuition :)

Even during my spiritual discussions with western friends and mentor, sometimes I do get a strange sense/ resistance of being not fully convinced. The missing part is often a sense of unconditional affection... words seem empty without that (without a loving morality, as they say in Vedantic literature).

This was validated by a conversation with an Indian friend who shared about his Guru, (spiritual mentor) who lovingly cooked for him and one day broke his subtle arrogance by answering some serious philosophical questions, even before he asked them. Factually, this guy had his studies upto doctoral level in IITs, (and now a prof in another IIT), while the Guru was semi-literate or almost illiterate or less read(???).

They say, when the student is ready, the Guru appears. Am I ready enough...
Time to give time a break... not to Pondi but to Himalayas?

Ah! give me a sign, make the route little more easy... Its going tough now and for the first time, I'm really at the end of my rope! (Feel like hanging with the little that is left! ;)
Divine, you might be really tempted to extend the length of the rope, (like Draupadi's sari?), how about giving me a break this time and you appearing instead???

(PS: Suggested reading by a friend

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A poem in search of a muse;)

Beyond the
bland stare of
stone eyes,
which notice nothing,
are those,
which came so close
to see , beyond me
see what all exists
after the first peel.

with shimmering ecstasy,
on sight of falling leaves,
the first stroke of yellow
on ground.
Shapes clouds,
and dances amidst
the colors of the sky,
after each rain,
but also before that.

with moist hurt of long wait,
and helpless anger
for a friend,
who never came.

close to my heart,
whispers, feel safe,
not be afraid,
I'm there, ever
for you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Absence & Presence

Days of absence, empty space, lonely space,
Space to celebrate
Freedom to explore
Silent sacred space
To reflect,
Vast space, to expand!

Days of fulfilling presence, of every longed desire,
Presence of relational connections.
And reaching out to stars.
Presence of learning,
Of breaking ones boundaries,
Of outgrowing self and everything else.
And return to that longing for
Something deeper,
Wider, higher.
Something within chanting, neti-neti,
Not this, still not this!