Friday, April 29, 2011

Love's journey!

The day you reach home from a forced 'official' retreat,
The child within me is excited to have her friend back.
Did you touch water, played, had fun,
Wind in your face, walked in the sun?

In some quiet moments
Kept your head down,
Smell of grass, feel of sand,
Found faces in the clouds?

Did you run, did you play,
Did you, did you, did you ...
Must have taken pictures,
Show, show, show...

The woman within is silent,
Wonders how far did you go with her,
The mother in me cares,
How are you my dear!

Wishes rise like a wave,
I surf them,
With a prayer in my heart,
I let them pass.

Here in your country,
my city,
Across the oceans, the dark clouds loom
I watch them come, no storms
A clear sky, blue and white
Left behind, I see them go.
Must be like those thoughts!

Someday in our journey we open a door

Find this place,
Where nobody writes love letters,

We become love.
Pure energy I sense my world expanded,
No more
looking for safety.

Fading spring, evening sky,
vibrant colors... miss nothing.
Sudden rain, playful toddlers,
Old wise women... open to everything.
Amused at life, smile, laugh

Without that wishful thinking,
Only if this only if that,
Only if you were here
In my world my dear.

Somedays we love the chains, to tie us together

And some days we love the freedom,
From anxieties ... do you really care?

Good you don't! after all, in the end,
actually, Who cares!
In this transient life I am acutely aware,
If we do not have a bond, how does it matter,
And i
f we do have a bond, nothing matters!!!

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