Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Completing circle.. coming home...

I feel a circle is getting complete ... its been a year ... last april I asked for a little push from above to break my inner barriers, to help me take that major leap of faith. And here am I, surviving avalanche of events of all kinds... But its good to see the effects of all that.

Its a continuation of home coming... Truly I miss India.
More because the ability to just drop everything, pack my bags and leave for some place having strong collective sense of meaning or sacredness. Its elevating!

But I am connecting deep within me with that old soul, which was in command all the time. I wish the work was less and I had the luxury to go for a meditation retreat. Or take a whole day off and just be, meditate, journaling. Guess its a good idea, I should do that tomorrow.

These sudden breaks have always been good for my soul. I need time to de-clutter life and make space for joy to unfold! something beautiful is blossoming within... there is a sense of being taken care and loved by the universe. To help me out of every trap I blindly fall into. Poor God, must be having a tough time with idiotic actions of humans... Well bad luck for him/her/it, good luck for me!!! :)

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