Sunday, May 8, 2011

A few pink roses...

My day started a little off-mark by mailing a 'not so loving' comment to a loved one, though it got better as the day progressed. Had a long phone call with one of my closest friend, talking about the ways of life and how when we live authentically, we make ourselves unfortified and utterly vulnerable. Its awesome, its divine in an Utopian world but in our current modern world it also attracts people to feed on such intensity, such innocent vulnerability.

Reflected later, how with each blow in life, things are getting better spiritually. I 'come to see' the truth in many spiritual lessons ... about unity of the world, of humanity, of goodness & compassion not limited to only one area of life, some people, some location, under some limitations. Its both personal and impersonal, and it can never be otherwise. They make mistakes who are good to family and not to non-family, but they are also equally mistaken who care for distant, impersonal humanity, but do not care for people around them.

After all this, in the evening I was walking with a friend when I noticed a few roadside rose-bushes. I was simply amazed ... few days earlier there were only green covered buds everywhere. And now suddenly everything has blossomed beautifully. There were red ones and then there were a bunch of pink rose bushes. (We could not hold ourselves from picking a few, hoping this was not called stealing ;) I muttered 'I can offer them to my altar' and then added 'this decreases the guilt of plucking these beautiful flowers' ;)
Since I was also carrying a camera, we took a few pics... even some wearing those flowers :)

When we parted, I got a bus and all the way back I got contemplative. Holding those few pink roses in the cup of my hands I wondered about the beautiful fragility of them, of life. How much I miss such softer moments, in the dense world of cognition. Guess mental health field is as soft as science can get, and still at the moment I am amidst theories, research, numbers, rationality, papers, presentations, deadlines, conferences, outcomes, social contribution, success, what not. Harshness of world doesn't enter the bareness of these 'here & now' moments of holding these flowers. I was in complete awe, ... love and peace filled me.

And suddenly an African-American man entered the bus, on a wheel/ mobile chair, with oxygen pipes etc. He appreciatively looked at the flowers and asked me if I am a mother and I have kids. When I said no, he commented someone would really love me, gestured that he is moved to tears and said a prayer and made a cross and gave a reverential kiss in the air. What a moment!
I asked him if he would like to have them, he said 'no they are yours' (He thought I got them as gift... truly they were gifts of nature). I told him I have picked them from the road side and gave him the largest rose out of the four I had. He was soooo happy, almost like a child. After thinking a lot, he fixed it in the front of his mobile chair and also showed me, bringing a smile to my face. Soon after when he got down the bus, he left with some blessings for me, while I had prayers for his health in my heart.
My day was made! My God, what else can I ask for in life ... those moments were full of awe, wonder, contemplation, love, peace, compassion, sharing, innocence, joy ... they are truly sacred flowers to bring such moments !!!

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