Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have been getting more and more interested in Consciousness studies, both experientially and philosophically. Feels like coming to another full circle.

Was reading an article where this was quoted... and found it so very apt!
In the days when an idea could be silenced by showing that it was contrary to religion, theology was the greatest single source of fallacies. Today, when any human thought can be discredited by branding it as unscientific, the power previously exercised by theology has passed over to science; hence science has become in its turn the greatest single source of error.
Michael Polanyi

So true. The science can often become another excuse to crush alternative explorations, replacing old ways to do that.

And here is another...
Science has won precision at the cost of remaining on a plane of secondary problems, leaving intact the decisive and ultimate questions.
Krishna Chaitanya

Yeah! I agree. My experiences and contemplation also brings me to the same conclusion. Our inquiries often take the least resistant path. We invest meaning in what can be measured, because we are not able to measure that which is inherently meaningful.
Many more thoughts....

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