Friday, September 30, 2011

An advice ...

A dear friend wrote to me recently with an amazingly simple but profound advice...

'U got to find that level where you can laugh it off...
laugh at yourself for having expected the blind to lead you, the heartless to love you and the deaf to hear you!'

Why do we take ourselves so seriously that we can't laugh every event off?
There was a time when I was not so invested in myself (at least most of the time of any particular day). Growing up brought a lot more of information, a bit of knowledge and little wisdom. Nowadays I increasingly struggle to be less and less invested in my own ego, beliefs, ideas, learnings and my identity.

The latest experiment I'm doing is to remain mindful of the entire trail of ongoing thoughts and ruminations, and make two heaps of them with respect to time - past and future; have been or going to be.

Wow what a clutter I get!!!

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