Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fuel to fire

There is an interesting metaphor in traditional Indian religio-philosophy ... 'offerings to the fire'. It can be literally true, or might mean offering the best within oneself, or all of oneself, to something higher... a higher aim, a loftier goal.

At this moment our world desperately needs dedicated one-focused work towards change for better. A kind of higher calling, for which a lot of us have to similarly become the fuel in the fire. The sentiment is that it needs super human abilities to balance diverse needs of family and larger society. Even within the demands of family and career I have seen some of my friends going crazy.

There also seems to be an archetype of lone-sage in Indian world view. It gives a lot of moral strength and community support. There is a general understanding that people are often corrupt in the service of their spouses and children. So, the few without them would more likely to be committed. Some where it must be true, because behind some of the best and revolutionary work in India, there are people who are alone, on the go, working tirelessly and without a family.

After all this rambling, which is somewhere related to what has been going on in my mind, here is the funny part... someone must have played joke by subscribing me to 'Two Mangoes', a south Indian dating site. I got mail in my university ID, can't believe people can be so stupid in their concern for me ;)

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  1. '...for which a lot of us have to become the fuel in the fire'
    The acceptance of that fact is the greatest realization of all, loved it.

    Two mangoes?? really? :-)