Monday, September 26, 2011

Musings on cognitive frameworks...

For our inner world it is so important to keep a respectful distance with every belief 'system'. The moment something is organized, something gets muddled up. This larger framework is something none can give us, and should not give us. It has to be experiential, no matter how true sounding a framework is. This is something each human has to do, for oneself- finally, ultimately.

At the maximum, one can be taught facts- history, geography etc (even about facts one should always leave a hairline of doubt, ... just in case), but for the larger framework the old cliche about experience stands true (almost).
One can only 'experience' the larger truths, but when they are put into words they get falsified ... mainly because of the limitations of our language. And I also think because of the limits of our current frameworks.
Isn't it a good democratic system where at least some aspect of one's life is left to oneself ... like living itself. None can do it for us.

Cognitive labeling helps in managing the information, but it takes away the richness inherent in any reality. How will we fare if we think of any issue like a garden, (of flowers or weeds... take your pick) and then see what all different flowers/ aspects emerge here.

Guess then multiple contradictory aspects won't get so distressing... but make a beautiful whole :)

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