Monday, October 24, 2011

Bury the past...

Talking to one of my closest friend (lets call him Vi) I was wondering about my life.
Vi has seen me over many many years and has been that solid presence in my life in spite of differences and not-talking-days :)

I was wondering how much I keep growing as a person and how when I look back a few years down the line, I marvel 'How did I... '
How did I survive some lousy environments, how did I manage to invest my identity into it, how did I manage to fall into so many holes and puddles, and still am standing here perfectly alright. how did I this.. or that...
I guess miracles do happen!

Sometimes we have outgrown our old self, learned and integrated whatever was required and then become a completely newer, a better person that it is difficult to even connect with the person we were or the people and places we happened to live. If there is an attempt, it is very disturbing, distressing. Guess that is why past is synonymous with ghost in Hindi, 'bhoot'.
Vi told me that the best is to close the door to it, ...
I think it is apt to say, bury the past!

In this context, I would also like to mention, against Western/mainstream Psychology's usual focus on 'past', eastern world-view often focuses on 'pure potentials', as the basic narrative is different. Western Psychology's narrative is about self- ego, while eastern Psychology's narrative is further deeper, a divine-self, moving towards which we need to shed our ego.
Only recently this ideas that- ego has its pitfalls, is increasingly being recognized in Western Psychology.
(I am learning from my training as well as my experiences & contemplation that there is lot of goodness in Eastern spiritual philosophy/psychology/ worldview, and we need to bring it into the mainstream for common good).

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