Monday, October 3, 2011

Curse or Love?

Yesterday I learned that the wish 'may you live in interesting times' is considered to be a well known curse. Some say it has Chinese origins and is one of 3 curses of increasing severity, the highest being 'may your wishes get fulfilled' (some of our wishes are no doubt interesting, just imagine what if they were fulfilled... shudder :)

When people are insensitive, or hurtful, my wish for them take some form of, '...may you reach some kind of understanding about your behavior, learn in life and regret'. It feels close to 'living in interesting times'.

But what if the times are interesting in general? (not the kind of Hollywood movies... I have a theory about them... but here I'm talking of the reality bites).
Although as a planet we have been extremely lucky, but we have enough reasons to start thinking that our luck has run out. Ask any environmentalist (heard about a book called 'Revenge of Gaia' by one of the most respected environmentalists).
Yesterday I was also watching discovery channel's video on 2012. And although they dismissed most of the doomsday theories, some of the major environmental disasters are always waiting to happen, from super-quakes to super-tsunamis. The accompanying scenes about such possibilities (though borrowed from some movie) were impactful ... almost like hundreds of thousand times more destructive than what happened in 9/11 ... the naked dance of death around. Sheer unbelievable horror...
In such times of universal dissolution no other wish arose, except 'I send love to you'.
Guess, that is why they give three cheers to love!

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