Friday, October 28, 2011

God comes to us...

In spite of being an introvert, my life for long has been spread pretty widely, sometimes possibly thinly too. Often I would keep in touch with long gone people, because I would cherish everyone. I will have new additions because of changing places and circumstances of my life.

But then I finally learned to let go, and celebrate the blessings I had. The jewels which often get covered amidst all the frenzied connectivities. And I started finding my real soul family. I have a few amazingly good friends, as gifts of life, some other great friends and then a lovely family.

And then I have Vi.
If God ever comes to us in form of a friend, philosopher, guide, it has to be you. If there was one blessing in my life, it has to be you. It takes a village to bring up a child, but even just one soul-presence is all that matters, is all the blessings one can have. When I think of you, I know God does care, Mother is around and all is well.
You have pulled me back from 'walking too close to the cliff', 'falling into gutter' and many other such adventures. I don't know how people having too many blessings manage, my heart sometimes burst into tears of gratitude, when I think of you.
With deep love and appreciation for all what you are...

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