Sunday, October 23, 2011

Impoverished public discourses

On one hand, internet has given freedom to multiple voices, a space to be say what one wants to, and also be heard... On the other hand, it is rather disconcerting to see the level of our public discourses. Often it is not only impoverished in content, but also in its language.

Take any article with some bit of emotions involved, and invariably you will find off-the-mark comments. But it really makes you think what is happening when the comments are full of abuses (as I found in some of the facebook posts of India Against Corruption).

I am also not too sure if this is more in the Hindi belt, because that is the only regional language I know. But the poor quality of comments in Hindi almost makes me forget that the language has the potential of raising ones' consciousness to a fire like quality.Watch ... this ... (Look at the glowing eyes of these kids, ... I am tempted to say if I had a son I would have brought him up like this, with courage, strength and honor, divinity glowing within... and not a mere consumer, which is such a waste of human spirit!!!).

However I wonder, with some more efforts like this, in few years hopefully, the negative aspects of life and society would be better placed ... everyone would be having food and water and cloth, and housing, and health and sanitation too... the government schemes would be working for the public welfare. Then what! ...

What are we going to do about the quality of our thinking, stimulus for our happiness, directions of our efforts ?
What are we going to do about the quality of our thinking when every tiny bit of left-over space around any intelligent article in most of the media pages are covered with something related to sex and celebrities.
What are we going to do about the well-being and emotional health of the people, when hot bodies are the best way to make consumers believe that something will make them happy ?
What are we going to do about the direction of our efforts, when the entertainment industry leaves only this much energy in the couch-potatoes to engage in arm-chair activism ?

It all ends up with the question, does our planet has the ability to survive, if all our best mental efforts are spend for increasing the production of goods we do not need, stimulate the desire to own things which do not have any intrinsic value and feel-good factor, and our efforts are focused on having more and more?

There is this inherent limitation, which asks us to stop and question what are we doing? This is cheapening of human life!

Thankfully we do not have the technology to invade another planet in the service of these goals. Otherwise we were certainly doomed to forever living a life, not worth living!

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