Saturday, October 1, 2011

Krrazy Karma Connections ;)

There are times in life when we have amusing patterns with a particular city.

I have one since last one and half year, with a city... let us call it B. I remember the date too when it all started, and how, on 'that' fateful morning. It certainly went on to be chaotic! After many events ... the latest is missing connecting flight there, then making a great friend at my next (interesting) destination who turns out to be from B and then invitation to visiting her in B, and a plan unfolds...

Then there was another city in my long travel itinerary to India. But then I got a dream command to visit a particular temple, which I 'googled' to find out was near this one city. And when I dismissed this idea as unrealistic, someone in the corridors of a conference in Florida advised me how to reach there. In the end, visibly the trip was less than spectacular, almost a wash out ... although there was something more here too...

Though there are too many interesting aspects to both of these stories, but overall what I am left with is an idea that, one should take all serendipities and intuitions with a pinch of salt. Even if one decides to follow them, don't go ahead thinking it will be all goody-goody-happily-ever-after ride.

Sometimes they can be a cosmic trap to lure you into a practical joke (if cosmos is in any way engaged with the third speck of dust from a little star called sun) and sometimes they are just plain 'karma' waiting to catch up with you around the corner !!!

(I dare the universe to change my cynicism, although it certainly makes life very, very interesting, only if some of it was not so painful ;)
haha... I'm just teasing the universe, although I believe (and have found it true) whatever happens is good, although sometimes it could have been better... A note to universe with love :)

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