Sunday, October 9, 2011

The majestic idea of pure Purusha

I have been reading and contemplating the Vedic psychology-cosmology from Sri Aurobindo's perspective, especially after reading an article by a very dear friend, which was game changer for me.

Today I got some clarity on Purusha, the pure Consciousness (note the capital C) on 3 levels, mental where it is pure observer, vital where it is pure joy and physical where is it pure existence and being.

My Goodness ... I suddenly remembered all those times when I had this pure joy of existence, just plain being... the feel of sun and air on skin, the colors of leaves, the sound of wind...

Ever noticed a lot of spiritual movies/ pictures use the same heightened intensity of senses, especially bright colors. (watched 'What the bleep..' today).

But on second though, there must be a specific reason on theoretical level, why these moments are especially associated with time in nature, especially the physical purusha... I can see a connection though not able to express it properly.

Well... I'm inspired to make a movie about it ... though the cameras are really really costly... I'm debating ;)

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